Sunday, December 20, 2015

orbits derailed in the wake as i ride, far beyond the last known apogee...

Many thanks to those who helped make this insane weekend one to remember for ZUD. Psychic Wounds, Peter McLaughlin, Leash, Cruel Hand, Jon Morse and of course... Mome.

It is now time to go back into hibernation of sorts as far as Zud goes, for the winter at least. There are several live appearances in the works for 2016, but in the meantime there are other things to finish, other battles to fight and other things to get ready for.

For now, shit tons of RAD photos are up from tonights show in Portland over at return to the pit. Click the link below, si te gusta...

Anyways, it is ALWAYS a pleasure to see Aaron Pepelis (aka: the Rev), who was a HUGE inspiration for me in starting Bogus Rendition (holy shit, over 11 years ago now). I have NEVER found another person ANYWHERE in all the cities in this country which I've been to (hoping freights, driving my truck or with the swedes in a tour bus), or in any other country who has put SO MUCH into documenting rock music via photos. He has done this completely unbiased to cliques or genres or "who sucks and who doesn't" and "who sold out and who didn't." All the while, doing it with a bigger smile on his face than anyone else, and.... for FREE.

For those who give a shit, or might actually be wondering, make NO MISTAKE: THIS is how it's done, and the world of heavy music in the northeastern US would not have been what it has been since the late 90's, what it is now and whatever it will be, without RETURN TO THE PIT. Thank you Aaron. You 'da man.

So... that's all for now. Stay tuned for what is yet to come and BEWARE...

-justin and zud

Space Gallery Photos:


thanks to those who helped make the dover brick house last night so rad. 

TONIGHT, zud is back in PORTLAND at the SPACE GALLERY, with CRUEL HAND and LEASH. 

though there are quite a few zud shows in the works for 2o16, they are all out of town (and a bit of a ways away). tonight is likely to be our LAST LIVE APPEARANCE here PORTLAND for a very long time. doors at 7, music at 8. zud is scheduled to play at 8:50. $10 at the door (or in advance somewhere online, which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). ALL AGES (no shit, huh?). 

a portion of the door goes towards finishing the buildout of Grime Studios.

join us..........

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

live in december.........

december 19th: dover, nh @ the brick house 
december 20th: portland, me @ space gallery

after these two, there will not be any other live appearances from zud until late spring.

oh, and there is now a public instagram for zud. 
follow: @zudofficial if you like (don't bother with the other one unless we have met in real life.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

so here we are, once again.........

many thanks to those who have helped make the past few months such a whirlwind of chaotically-rad insanity for zud. photos from the halloween show can be viewed here:
though the plan was to not play any more until next spring, i guess never say never.

dec 19th: "live free or fucking die." zud and mome will be headed down to rip the granite state a new one and support psychic wounds (members of kyoty, ex waranimal/zud/gift of tongues) for their debut show. it'll be at the dover brick house and will be $8-ish to get in. more info (like the flyer) on the zud and psychic wounds fB/instagram pages (this ipod won't let me load the flyer onto this site without signing up for that google chrome horse shit). but yeah... join us (or don't and stay home).

in the meantime...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Reflections on Shadow Woods and Halloween....

regarding Shadow Woods Metal Fest:
I thought that if I let a week go by, I'd be able to find the words, but I can't. I'm still in a bit of a daze with all of it. Feel like I've barely ever been able to find time to even take a shit for the past month, having been on overdrive getting zud ready for shadow woods, on top of all other things back in the world. Now that at least the fest is over, I feel like I could sleep for a week, but, ya know, some things ain't gonna fly themselves.
Anyways, I'll make it brief (or not). To me, when considering everything that it was up against, Shadow Woods was perfect. I will say that I was skeptical as to whether or not it would be as successful as I think that it was. But, it was and I think if it happens again, it's going to be more successful. I think it is safe to say, cheesy as it sounds, that Shadow Woods may very well have acted as a "tide turning" moment for everyone that was there; in that there is a lot more to this shit than getting drunk and watching horror movies, or even collecting records, or only listening to what NWN! tells you is "evil enough" to listen to.
What was really cool for me about this fest though was not necessarily the music per se (though don't get me wrong, Midnight slayed it as always and Occultation put on probably one of the best live performances I've seen from a modern band since the last time I saw the Devil's Blood), but the fact that to put on this thing was a battle and it was not an easy one, and, it was fucking won. I always feel like an idiot when saying anything between songs (listening to Karl from Earth Crisis piss and moan about how if everyone were vegan than they'd be saving the world, was the beginning of the end of my believing that the world was worth saving in the first place), and I don't know if any of what I said towards the end of the zud set made sense to anyone. But, though I don't think the world, or particularly our shitty disgusting species, is worth saving, we did all wind up here, and unless we choose to "check out" on our own terms, we're still all here and in this shit together. As a 6'2" white dude with blond hair who was brought up by two really cool parents in maine, I know it is easier for me to say this then for others, but I do believe that we are in control of how we go about our lives. I've seen too many people who were not born with the same hand of cards that I was given, achieve more seemingly impossibly gnarly things than I could imagine. Anyways, with that, I find it really inspiring when I'm around people (no matter who they are or where they come from or whatever else) who choose to take risks and follow their crazy dreams, whatever their crazy dreams may be, not giving a fuck what the rest of the world has to say, always charging forward, never giving up. This thing would not have happened without Mary's passion and determination for chasing this dream, and that is why the zud set was dedicated to her. We're all already dead, but we don't know when. Kind of exciting, huh? But, there are those that may choose to simply hang out and wait to die... and then there are those few that know that as fucked and doomed as we are, that they're gonna try and make the world a better place anyways, cause otherwise, what the fuck, huh? I saw a lot of people having a lot of fun last weekend, to the point where I think some were able to forget all to bullshit back in the real world for a minute. That is something special and worth saluting. Thank you Mary. You are fucking rad. -j

ALSO, for those here in town or semi-nearby, one last westbound is set to hi-ball. This will be it for a while. Be there, or don't be. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

BR#9/black metal warfare...

BR#9: 108 pages half size zine, three and a half years in the making. on sale at the watain merch table for the rest of the black metal warfare tour (copies of "the good, the bad and the damned" too). tour dates here:
 more info on BR#9 at: