Friday, September 1, 2017

a wilderness left untamed

here's the cover. 

engineered and mixed by todd hutchisen (east of the wall, 1st zud) at acadia recording co here in portland. mastered by carl saff/saff mastering (grails, rvivr, ocean) in chicago.

september 16th is the release for this. 

for those who are not able to make it to shadow woods part 3 (the CD release show), we'll be having 500-ish of these pressed as a nice digipack with plenty of art/lyrics and everything else. for those who don't care about experiencing the album as intended and just want to listen to it real quick (so they can move onto the next flavor of the week in a timely fashion) there will probably be a bandcamp release over the winter sometime (though surely someone will have it on some server for you to steal before then). maybe a vinyl release in the spring or next summer (we'll see). no pre-orders on the CDs. just stay tuned and there'll be an announcement/link for ordering in a couple weeks (don't worry, they won't sell out for a couple years at least). 

thanks to everyone who has played their part over the past few years with this. now the real fun begins....

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

shadow woods 2016

shadow woods metal fest 2o16
two and a half days of music (death, black, thrash, all kinds of weird and rad shit) in the woods

camp in a tent or sleep in a cabin or get a hotel nearby

tickets here:

zud is scheduled to play last on the "hall stage" on saturday, september 17th

this will be the last live appearance until sometime next year

join us....

Friday, July 15, 2016

anti-cosmic music fest

here's for the sweet summer of '16 being the summer that transcends past the cosmos and rides the waves of supernovas into infinity (cause winter sucks and you all know it)... 

next saturday, july the 23rd calls for 90 fucking degrees in providence!!! 

surfs up mutha fuckah's!!!

join us........

(zud plays 2nd to last, right before shining)