Tuesday, November 3, 2015

so here we are, once again.........

many thanks to those who have helped make the past few months such a whirlwind of chaotically-rad insanity for zud. photos from the halloween show can be viewed here:
though the plan was to not play any more until next spring, i guess never say never.

dec 19th: "live free or fucking die." zud and mome will be headed down to rip the granite state a new one and support psychic wounds (members of kyoty, ex waranimal/zud/gift of tongues) for their debut show. it'll be at the dover brick house and will be $8-ish to get in. more info (like the flyer) on the zud and psychic wounds fB/instagram pages (this ipod won't let me load the flyer onto this site without signing up for that google chrome horse shit). but yeah... join us (or don't and stay home).

in the meantime...


  1. 11/16: zud CDs are sold out. There are a few back at home but as far as this tour goes, they are gone.