Sunday, December 20, 2015

orbits derailed in the wake as i ride, far beyond the last known apogee...

Many thanks to those who helped make this insane weekend one to remember for ZUD. Psychic Wounds, Peter McLaughlin, Leash, Cruel Hand, Jon Morse and of course... Mome.

It is now time to go back into hibernation of sorts as far as Zud goes, for the winter at least. There are several live appearances in the works for 2016, but in the meantime there are other things to finish, other battles to fight and other things to get ready for.

For now, shit tons of RAD photos are up from tonights show in Portland over at return to the pit. Click the link below, si te gusta...

Anyways, it is ALWAYS a pleasure to see Aaron Pepelis (aka: the Rev), who was a HUGE inspiration for me in starting Bogus Rendition (holy shit, over 11 years ago now). I have NEVER found another person ANYWHERE in all the cities in this country which I've been to (hoping freights, driving my truck or with the swedes in a tour bus), or in any other country who has put SO MUCH into documenting rock music via photos. He has done this completely unbiased to cliques or genres or "who sucks and who doesn't" and "who sold out and who didn't." All the while, doing it with a bigger smile on his face than anyone else, and.... for FREE.

For those who give a shit, or might actually be wondering, make NO MISTAKE: THIS is how it's done, and the world of heavy music in the northeastern US would not have been what it has been since the late 90's, what it is now and whatever it will be, without RETURN TO THE PIT. Thank you Aaron. You 'da man.

So... that's all for now. Stay tuned for what is yet to come and BEWARE...

-justin and zud

Space Gallery Photos:

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